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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BlackBerry Q10

When it comes to the BlackBerry Q10, you’ve got to love the fact that although we really don’t know anything about it, we already assume we know all there is to know. Despite having yet to be officially laid-bare let alone launched by BlackBerry, the Q10 wish-list of specs and features is about as comprehensive as that of any Smartphone already on the market.

All this, despite having no idea when or where the BB Q10 release date will actually come about.

Nevertheless, there’s a new feature to add to the pile today, assuming of course the latest round of leaked images prove to be authentic. This time, what we’re seeing is a rear view of the BlackBerry Q10 which seems to show a back plate made of the same textured rubber already with us on the Z10.

This differs from the Q10 that made its official though brief debut at BlackBerry’s event on January 30th, which by contrast had a more glossy plastic backing like BlackBerry Smartphones of old.

It stands to reason therefore that the change in back plate materials could have been inspired by consumer feedback regarding the BlackBerry Z10, which is already making quite a name for itself across various markets including the UK and Canada. On the other hand, it could be that these new images are as fraudulent as it gets and we won’t really know what Heins and Co. have in store for us until the BlackBerry Q10 sees its eventual launch sometime in the late spring.

Nevertheless, you have to ask yourself why exactly the Q10 has been held back for so much longer than the Z10 – does the company have even higher hopes for the QWERTY keyboard variant of the BB10 and thus won’t pen a release date until it is beyond flawless?



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